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  • Where are you located?
    Moa Oasis is located about 1 km southwest of Tsofar, in the Arava, on the way to Eilat.
  • How should we reach you?
    The easiest and safest way to enter Moa Oasis on Waze.
  • Are there activities on site?
    There are daily yoga and meditation classes at no extra cost. In addition, you can go for a walk in the vast desert, sit by the lake or on a hammock in the orchard, and merge with the silence...
  • Is the accommodation suitable for families?
    Of course. We also have large rooms or Rajasthani tents for families.
  • What about meals?
    Breakfasts are served in the main catering complex. You can order additional meals privately from chefs in the area. We will be happy to help with coordination. There are also several restaurants in the area.
  • Is there a fridge and kitchenette in the rooms?
    There is no kitchenette or refrigerator in the rooms. We ask to avoid cooking or eating in the rooms because food attracts many insects, rodents, and other animals. At the same time, there are shared refrigerators in the catering complex, where things can be stored.
  • Is it possible to bathe in the lake?
    The lake is an ecological lake, and bathing in it is prohibited. There are no rescue services. Anyone who bathes in the lake takes it on their responsibility and is asked to sign a liability waiver form.
  • Is it possible to come with animals?
    Unfortunately not. Although we love animals very much, we ask to keep the complex quiet for all guests.
  • If I ordered and regretted it, is it possible to cancel?
    Yes. You can cancel an order. Please see the Cancellation Policy.
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